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In 2016, Ancestry transferred ownership of the Windows version of FTM to Software Mac Kiev (SMK), which already developed and sold the Mac version.

Most, but not all, of the following has been updated to reflect the move of support material between websites All Ancestry connectivity in versions earlier than 2017 has now ceased with the release of FTM 2017.

Family Tree Maker 2017 Introduces Family Sync, Ditches Tree Sync Posted by Diane Time to Sync Your Family Tree Maker and Ancestry Trees Important news for Family Tree Maker software users: Software Mac Kiev, the company that acquired Family Tree Maker from early last year, will release Family Tree Maker 2017 on March 31.

Previous versions of Family Tree Maker used something called Tree Sync to sync your software with your tree on

If you use Family Tree Maker and don't plan to upgrade to 2017, you should open the software and sync your trees before March 29.

It's described as an "update" (hence 2014.1 rather than 2017, I assume) and the FAQs say it's mainly about performance and stability, rather than new features.

I've literally just got RM 7 set up on my computer. I have managed to sign up to be a beta tester though, and downloaded the program today.

Family Tree Maker is a software program which became associated with the genealogy website Ancestry.

Check Mac Kiev’s ‘release of FTM 2017 update page‘.

Name: Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 Current Version: Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 21.2.5 (Sep 2012) Last Updated: September 2012 Developer/Publisher: Software Mac Kiev / Type: Mac Genealogy Software Requires: Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Intel Mac Purchase / Download Options: Demo/Trial: No Price (New): .99 USD (usually on sale, FTM for Mac 2 – Ancestry.com) Price (Upgrade): .99 (usually on sale, FTM for Mac 2 Upgrade – Ancestry.com) Purchase Family Tree Maker for Mac – United States (Possibly Canada) – Get 25% off Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 – – Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 Upgrade – – The Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 – 25% Off (Ancestry.com) – Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 – (Cheaper at – see link above) Purchase Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 – United Kingdom – Link: Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 –

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