Sedating cats for plane travel

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Determine whether the airline has requirements for “acclimation.” In the event that you are unable to book a direct flight, your cat and carrier may be left outside the plane for a period of time.

To avoid liability on their part, some airlines require a letter from your veterinarian stating that your pet is acclimated to a minimum or maximum temperature.

The attendents will tell you that your pet must be stowed under the seat in front of you during take off and landing and we must all comply with that.

Hopefully, your pet is laying down at this point because you need to get the carrier under the seat in front of you.

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We have been researching all form of travel with cats from luxury cat carriers (they are going to be on board not in cargo) to hard/soft sided individual carriers.Keep your voice low and close to your pet while assuring it that everything will be ok.Lots of “good girls” and “good boys” are certainly a welcome sound for a nervous pet.Take direct flights whenever possible, and try to avoid connections and layovers.Sometimes, this is easier to achieve if the travel occurs during the week.

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