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At the time of the announcement of the findings or recommendations in January Professor David Metcalf said that the new proposals could reduce the numbers for foreign women entering the UK by between 40 and 66%.

The new regulations have sparked an outcry from UK men with Thai wives even those already living the UK.

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'I will still continue going there and I still love Thai women.' It should be noted that the new requirements are not particularly targeted at Thai women who are way down the list of foreign wives entering the UK.

'This move is a response to the growing number of foreign wives entering the UK who are wives of foreign migrants particularly from Asia,' say James Hewitt, a visa expert.

Thai women account for 4% of foreign women entering the United Kingdom last year on spousal visas.

Now put it next to some other Direct to DVD movies and it will win.

Like most Hasidic Jews (we both became religious later in life), our dating period lasted a very short time. I mean, how you can feel that burning love when you’re sitting at the table discussing how to use the last twenty dollars in your bank account? How can you feel it when you think it makes perfect sense to put your socks on the floor after you’re done with them, and she has this crazy idea that they need to go in the laundry basket? And now, as I’m a bit older and a bit more experienced with this relationship, I’ve finally come to realize something.

There was no way I could keep that dating fire burning as practicality invaded our lives. Something I haven’t wanted to admit for a long time, but is undeniable.

A fellow scientist accidentally escapes containment aboard a plane during turbulence. It has everything you would want in a "fun" horror movie. Give this film a little bigger budget and we have a winner.

After she is gunned down by a security guard, she reanimates as a zombie, killing and infecting several... What began as an evening of fun a harmless scares in exchange for one million dollars to anyone who stayed the night--and survived--soon turned into a night of terror. Gore, Action, Hot naked ladies, and even some dumb jokes! Sure the acting and Special FX could have been better but we can't win Every time. Maybe even better than the remake a couple of years ago. It has some back story that wasn't really touched on. For all you haters, why would you watch it in the first place?

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