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A Christian ethic, for example, may be informed by Jesus’ radical teaching about loving one’s neighbor, being a good Samaritan, loving one’s enemies, and the like. Supreme Court ruled out compulsory prayer, in the same ruling it states: “It might well be said that one’s education is not complete without a study of comparative religion or the history of religion and its relationship to the advancement of civilization.” To not study world religions is to not inquire into a vital part of human history and life today. S., our population is woefully ignorant of world religions.

The majority of the world’s population consists of self-identified members of some religion. A recent poll showed that only 38% of adult Americans know that Vishnu and Shiva are gods or divine beings in Hinduism.

Cults and new religious movements fall outside this continuum and in contrast to aforementioned groups often have a novel teaching.

They have been classified on their attitude towards society and the level of involvement of their adherents.

Major sources of difference between these groups are their approaches to Jewish law, the authority of the Rabbinic tradition, and the significance of the State of Israel.

Orthodox Judaism maintains that the Torah and Jewish law are divine in origin, eternal and unalterable, and that they should be strictly followed.

A more detailed definition to consider is: A religion is a tradition and practice based on a conception of what is real and significant (God, Allah, the Tao, Brahman, etc.), and the belief that sin, vice, disillusionment, and illusion may be overcome by grace, meditation, practices, and living in harmony, unity, or wise concord with what is real and significant.Roughly 40% of Africans are Christian, and 40% are Islamic.About half the world’s population is made up of self-identified Christians and Muslims, and there are roughly a billion Hindus.Various classifications of religious movements have been proposed by scholars.In the sociology of religion, the most widely used classification is the church-sect typology.

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