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Taxonomy Update Scheduler is OTB Sharepoint timer job which synchronizes changes from Term store into Sharepoint web site.

This timer jobs pushes changes from the Term store into Taxonomy Hidden List (list which contains all used managed metadata in the site).

However today my colleague found that event receiver is triggered only in Taxonomy Hidden List, but not on the exact supplier custom lists.

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There appear to be four (4) Taxonomy Event Receivers: The problematic library at the customer was lacking the first set of Event Receivers, which are responsible for syncing the hidden field. I can’t really explain why only some Content Types were affected.

This one burnt up hours of my time…on the properties (SPItem Event Properties) parameter passed in there are various objects inside it. After Properties and then let the base method call actually do the update. You can cancel event receivers which will provide a generic Share Point error page using the following code. Schedule List Event Receiver"); Assembly assembly = Assembly. Name = " Policy of Truth"; event Receiver. While Item Deleted is indeed signaled for list item deletions, it holds next to no usable information about which item was actually deleted.

This is often used as a serverside way of validating submissions. Get Executing Assembly(); SPEvent Receiver Definition event Receiver = list. Before Properties and After Properties are both null, the deleted element’s title is missing and no other reference back to the deleted item can be found.

You determine that it’s not the case and you want to inform the user.

So, you set the Error Message property of SPItem Event Properties to the desired text and you set Cancel property to True.

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