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Calling yourself 'shy' - and even 'happy' could be turning off potential mates while describing yourself as 'curvy', if you're a woman, is more likely to lead to a dinner date.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out both genders are looking for confidence in their other halves - so whether you're using an app or a website, shouting about your self worth is likely to work.

Conversely, just 0.3 per cent of men were attracted to women who boasted about being happy.

And it is not just men who apparently want to be able to make their partner content, rather than finding someone who is already feeling good about life - just 0.4 per cent of women were turned on by the idea of a happy man.

House of CB might have made a name for itself with those curve-clinging bandage dresses, but it's a one stop shop for all your eveningwear wardrobe dilemmas.An in-depth study of 400,000 profiles has revealed the words women and men use to describe themselves on dating profiles that turn the other sex off.But the results were not what singletons might have expected.She was spotted stumbling around the streets of Ibiza appearing slightly worse-for-wear last week.But Chloe Sims seemed determined to brush any holiday controversy aside on Thursday as she attended the TINGS magazine launch party at Mews of Mayfair in London.

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