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There are just too many dating sites that, deep down, are actually scams… There are a few ways to get around the crap websites. Is it page after page of endless fluff with no real information?

First of all, read reviews of the websites you are looking at. This is an indication that the website either hasn’t been around for very long, or its not a genuine website.1 If you are met with page after page of reviews, have a read of the reviews. Look for things like the odd spelling mistake here and there, or missed punctuation.

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It’s a very disappointing situation, and one that many horny young guys are faced with on a regular basis. They are still 'finding' themselves, and finding their place in the world. Most of us have dated younger women who can be extremely demanding and difficult to get along with, as they are simply less mature.There's plenty of other websites for that if that's what you're looking for. I'm not looking for a long distance ...62, male, Belfast Gym swimming most sports.

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