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He has been described in a devastating book as a professional seducer who had bedded more than 1,500 women and who once made a pass at Princess Diana.Ex beauty queen Barbara Rey (left) had the cash paid into an offshore account to make sure she kept quiet about her long-standing romance with Juan Carlos I of Spain (right with Queen Sofia), it is claimed The claims were made by respected Spanish news website OKDIARIO and were immediately picked up by other Spanish media who focused on the shocking allegation that the money allegedly paid to Ms Rey, the country's Miss World candidate in 1971, came from public funds that should have been spent on fighting terrorism and organised crime.But the playbook on how to target, recruit and manipulate sources has generally stayed the same.

These young kids, the operatives, they couldn’t believe half of what they brought back, what was going on.

“Since at least 2014, the FBI has assessed that the Shanghai State Security Bureau (“SSSB”), a sub-component of the Ministry of State Security (“MSS”), has a close relationship with SASS and uses SASS employees as spotters and assessors,…The MSS can be described as an institution similar to the FBI and the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) combined under one intelligence directorate responsible for counter-intelligence, foreign intelligence, and political security,” said FBI counterintelligence division agent Green.

On the day I received my first message from Chinese intelligence agents from the Ministry of State Security, they, of course, didn’t say they were Chinese spies.

20, 2014, agents of the Shanghai State Security Bureau of the Ministry of State Security first contacted me in a bid to recruit me as a spy, requesting I pass US state secrets to them in exchange for cash payments, write reports mining my “Washington D. social network” of US government officials preferably “in the State Department and the National Security Council” on hot button contentious issues of US “government strategic thinking.” This is not something to play with.

The Chinese cast a wide net for western intelligence, and it can – and does – get a person arrested.

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