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is the latest Netflix series burning up the Internet.Dropped on Friday, the show follows Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), a young woman who’s returned to her family after disappearing seven years prior.In just two years he had achieved the impossible: transforming the stodgy and financially troubled auto brand into an exciting new line.

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"A trans anthem, right now, is for a trans person to create," trans writer Jamie Cooper Holland states in an open letter to Pierson.

He didn’t come to for three days, and by the time he awoke and began responding in three of the five languages in which he is fluent, his family had sped in from their villas and the press had announced to the world who he was: Lapo Edouard Elkann, grandson of the late Gianni Agnelli, the so-called unofficial King of Italy, who had turned his family’s automobile company, Fiat, into an international giant.

The handsome, dazzling young public face of Fiat today, Lapo is worldwide director of brand promotion for Fiat Auto.

It should come as no suprise: There is a wealth of trans artists writing songs based on, and beyond, their experiences as trans people.

Those tracks can be found in genres as diverse as blues, pop, punk, hip-hop, rock, indie, gospel, and folk.

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