Little fish big pond dating

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I grew up in the small ranching community of Lamoille, Nevada, just south of Elko, about four hours west of Logan.

After high school I attended a small school in Billings, Montana, where I played football for a year, after which, I transferred to Utah State.

I came from Nevada, a state where there isn’t a last call in bars and everything is available anytime of the day or night.

Then I spent a year in Montana where I was immediately connected to 100 other football players and there was constantly something going on.

With Logan Canyon and the northern Utah geography offering endless outdoor adventures to students, it would seem like Utah State is the ideal setting to get a college education. According to, a website designed to collect and analyze data for information profiles on all cities in the United States, of the 77,473 people who affiliate themselves with a particular religious preference, 95 percent — 73,571 — people in Cache County adhere to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).

“Logan is an absolutely beautiful place,” said Nikki Van Lith, a non-LDS junior at Utah State.

He's created his own dating app - Shinder - where he is the only person available to date.

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