Zoo dating board intimidating sports venues

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Cellphone footage, taken by her friend, shows how their excitement turned to horror when one of the apes - Jumanji - picked up the hunk of rock and threw it in their direction.

But in this case, the concrete brick may have been overlooked, or could have been in the moat in the enclosure.'Bonobos are extremely affectionate; they settle their differences differently, which gets a lot of attention in the zoo world,' Jacksonville Zoo executive director Tony Vecchio told WTLV.

Giant pandas have also fascinated people living outside of China; French Missionary Pere Armand David first described them for science in 1869.

Now, more than 100 years later, the worldwide love for pandas has been combined with international efforts to keep them from becoming extinct. One theory is that pandas developed the contrasting black and white colors over time so they would stand out in the forest and be able to find each other to mate.

Kiondo and Kivu, both 15, and N'Dowe, 14, tore out water pipes and ripped up electrical wiring after breaking out of their enclosure at at Paignton Zoo in Devon.

They will also discover how some animals use bioluminescence and colour perception to outsmart their prey.

The Engineering in Nature Challenge inspires students to explore engineering principles while developing a greater connection to nature.

Ranging from simple machines to aerodynamics, students will complete design challenges transforming them from a builder, to an engineer and finally, an inventor all with the one-on-one support of exceptional real world scientists.

Students will learn about how different animals and plants are adapted to surviving in arid habitats.

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