Updating ub funkeys

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The UB Funkey starter pack costs about and consists of UB, the software and two funkeys which give you access to a portal or two and their Funkey house.

The starter pack as well as additional Funkeys can be purchased at your big-box stores such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Targets as well as online retailers.

An evil tyrant has locked away portals built by the peaceful tribe of funkeys, limited their areas.

He reigns in fear if the special gem stone, which can stop him.

UB Funkeys is a collectible toy MMOG-light kids game made by Mattel and Arkadium.

Similar to some other toy-web integrated games, you have to purchase a toy in order to activate a similar online avatar.

Targeted toward children of eight and above, UB Funkey is a collections, chat and mini-games world. The user interface is suitably simple for the target age group, with colorful representative icons.But - sadly, the game doesn't seem to stick to the good plot it has very much.You can unlock portals, but it's not like you're on a quest for the gems, you just play along the simulation.Each Funkey unlocked a new mini-game in one of several different sections of the hub world, Terrapinia.To get to each section of Terrapinia, you must put your Funkeys on the hub that comes with the starter pack and step on the portal in the game.

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