Rowupdating old values

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This example won’t hook into a database, but we will create a class to mock a table and retrieve data from it instead. This enables you to not display the ID to the user, yet still being able to retrieve it.You can also assign multiple primary keys if desired by separating them with a comma (,). This allows you to create a new instance of a class and assign values to properties in one easy step.If you like my work; you can appreciate by leaving your comments, hitting Facebook like button, following on Google , Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest, stumbling my posts on stumble upon and subscribing for receiving free updates directly to your inbox .Stay tuned and stay connected for more technical updates. I am not able to get the changed values that i enter in the grid view .My best effort got me the value that was in gridview before editing or changing. For example you could have the following code:to store the information. Finally the code is bound to the When the user selects a record from the grid, the selected row index will be passed through as the Command Argument.Run the project and place a breakpoint on the code above. The program will stop on the breakpoint and you will be able to see the selected row index being passed through.

Is Bound Using Data Source ID; Grid View Update Event Handler handler1 = (Grid View Update Event Handler) base. aspdotnet-suresh offers C#articles and tutorials,csharp dot net,articles and tutorials, VB. Open Visual Studio 2008 and create a new Web Application.You can then use the code below to retrieve the ID value: are a great way to use primary keys without having to display them to the user.If you have more than one primary key, you can separate the values with a comma.

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